Learn Ethereum, Experience colombia

Interested in learning the fundamentals of smart contracts and distributed Ethereum app development but don't know where to start? Join us this summer for Destination: Dev's inaugural Ethereum development course in Medellín, Colombia.


Course Details

  • Dates: March 16 - 24, 2019

  • Location: Medellín, Colombia - El Poblado District

  • Topics: Blockchain fundamentals, Ethereum, smart contracts/Solidity, Web3.js (view detailed curriculum)

  • Prerequisites: Our course is geared toward professional software engineers looking to learn how to write smart contracts on the Ethereum network and interact with them via dApps. We'll provide you with some manageable preparatory material, and the main languages we'll be using are JavaScript and Solidity (which you'll learn during the course). If you don't have a lot of experience with these languages that's okay! You'll have time to get up to a basic level prior to the course. The main prerequisite is that you know how to code at a professional level in some context.



Brennen Peters -CTO @ LMNOP

Links: LMNOP, Github, Personal Site

Brennen Peters is the CTO and founder of LMNOP. He has been a full-stack software engineer for 10+ years, building applications for the healthcare industry to higher education and even dabbling in the music industry. He first discovered Bitcoin back in 2010, when researching digital currencies for a real-time bidding system for digital goods. Since then, he has been mining Bitcoin and became an early investor in Ethereum after reading Vitalik’s whitepaper in 2013. When Brennen isn’t writing smart contracts, building Oracles, and designing dApps, he loves creating boardgames and drinking fancy coffee.


The Destination: dEv Approach


Learn by Building

At Destination: Dev, we focus on providing technology education anchored in hands-on development. Our blockchain course is no different, as we'll focus on the latest technologies that will allow you to get up-and-running working on real projects as quickly as possible. We are focusing on Ethereum because it gives developers who are not necessarily blockchain domain experts the opportunity to use their creativity to build distributed applications.


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Cultural Immersion

Our programs are not just about technology, and exposing our students to the local culture and community is paramount to our mission. Medellín is one of the most vibrant and growing cities in Latin America, and we'll help you to get the most out of exploring Colombian culture, cuisine, and sites both inside and outside of the city. (More about Medellín)



We feel that developing a strong community of individuals passionate about technology and travel turns our program into much more than the sum of its parts. Prepare to make enduring friendships and share both your educational and travel experiences with a driven group of builders and explorers who will challenge and support you.




Day 1

Get settled in and unwind in Parque Lleras for a meet and greet.


Day 2

Our first excursion outside the city will take us to the breathtaking town of Guatape.


Day 3

Our first day of class will kick off with a conceptual overview of Ethereum and blockchains in-general.


Day 4

On day 4, we'll go over the fundamentals of Ethereum, smart contracts, and Solidity. 


Day 5

Here we'll do a deep dive on advanced techniques with smart contracts and Solidity. 


day 6

Our introduction to Ethereum applications with Web3.js will allow us to start building real-world distributed applications.


Day 7

Our final day of class will be 100% practical. We'll help you to develop a dapp to release into production!


Day 8

We'll start our weekend with an optional tour of the street art of Comuna 13.


day 9

Participate in our optional full-day coffee plantation tour in Concordia.



Day 1

Introduction to Blockchains and Ethereum 

Our course kicks off with an introduction to the basic concepts of blockchain technology from a high level. We'll go over the history of blockchain and bitcoin, discuss the current cryptocurrency ecosystem, and deliver an overview of alternative applications of the blockchain. Key concepts like distributed consensus, proof of work, mining, and anonymity will be covered conceptually with real-world examples. During the second half of the day, we'll cover some of the key concepts of the Ethereum network specifically and go through local dev environment setup.

Day 2

Solidity and Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are the key innovation that have spurred the popularity of Ethereum and provided ordinary developers with the opportunity to build on the blockchain. In Day 2, we'll learn about the key concepts of smart contracts and begin programming, testing, and deploying them using Solidity, the most popular smart contract programming language, and Truffle, an easy-to-use framework for building and deploying dApps and smart contracts.

Day 3

Advanced contracts and Solidity

Day 3 will cover more advanced smart contract features, as we'll look at additional data types, payments, transactions and gas. We'll build a few types of example contracts with popular use-cases like ICOs, escrow, and invoicing. 

day 4

web3.js & Dapps

One of the key reasons that Ethereum is a massive development in the blockchain space is that it gives non-expert developers the ability to get creative and build their own distributed applications with novel use cases. Day 4 will explore the Dapp ecosystem and Web3.js - the Ethereum JavaScript API. We'll learn how to interact with deployed smart contracts via the browser or Node.js-based backend systems and get started on coding our own Dapps.

day 5

dapp Development

Day 5 will be devoted to supporting you as you work on your very own Dapp to run on the Etheruem network using the technologies covered in the course. The day will end with a program debrief and demos of the applications we've built. Then, you'll be free to celebrate and explore Medellín's Friday nightlife!

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