Thank you everyone who showed up yesterday--our launch day was a huge success! We received a number of applications and some good questions in our Facebook Live Q&A.

If you didn't catch the live video, you can watch the replay here:

Destination: Dev Launch Day Live Q&A
Recorded live on Facebook on Monday, November 14, 2016

And you can watch part 2 here.

At Destination: Dev, one of our main focuses in selecting applicants is choosing a diverse group of people. We believe the experience is best with people from all around the world and from all different backgrounds. Fortunately, the applicants we received during the first day of opening has really fit the diversity we're shooting for. Expectedly, the majority of our applicants came from the U.S., but we've received applications from 10 different countries in total!

Surprisingly we received an application from Colombia, and have yet to receive any applicants from Canada! C'mon Canadienses! 

Of our applicants, we've received 20% more male applicants than female, but we are still very pleased with the current gender balance of our prospective students, especially considering the male dominated tech field.

Believe it or not, our female applicants actually rated their current level of programming as higher than our male applicants.

In the application, prospective students were asked to rate their current level of programming experience. The choices they were given were: "Absolutely none", "I have spent some time reading and learning about it", "I can write some code", or "I can build web applications".
After sorting through the data, I assigned a value of 0–3 to each response, with 0 representing no programming experience and 3 representing building web applications.
The average came out to 1.5 for women, and 1 for men. None of our applicants rated themselves a 3, or having the ability to build web applications.


This finding aligns with the recent research results that Women are considered better coders – but only if they hide their gender

While our results are only based on a self-reported skill level, I am interested to see how all our students perform in class!

Additionally, our female applicants also reported higher levels of education - and the majority of our applicants regardless of gender had a masters or bachelor's degree of some sort. While education in general is good, having a degree is not necessary.

Taking it further, a programmer's level of education has never proven to be a good performance indicator. The great thing about web development is that an impressive portfolio and GitHub account can display your ability a lot more than your resume or alma mater can.

That's all we have in terms of data visualization of our applicant data. Thank you for everyone who applied, and those that have interviewed already.

If you haven't applied yet, the last day to submit an application is March 1st, 2017 so it's not too late, but the sooner you apply the more time you'll have to prepare!