Travel and Learn to Code in Medellin, Colombia

Destination Dev is an 8 week coding bootcamp in Medellin, Colombia. During the 8 week course you will learn the fundamentals of web development, and graduate knowing how to build full-stack web applications in Ruby on Rails.

Similar to other coding bootcamps like Dev Bootcamp, App Academy, and Hackreactor, we train our students to go from 0 to 60 in a matter of a few weeks. No programming experience is required, and the combination of the pre-course work and the 8 week curriculum will teach you the most practical skills to build a web application.

Why do a Bootcamp in Colombia?


As web developers and digital nomads, Colombia has won our hearts and is our #1 choice for people who want to travel long term. We believe that although career advancement is an extremely high priority, life experience is on equal ground. That's why we've created this program, so students like you can learn a valuable skill while having an unforgettable experience exploring the beautiful culture and city of Medellin.

Scheduled Activities

In addition to our fullstack curriculum, our program has planned excursions to take our students to the most popular tourist attractions in Colombia. Our activities include social dinners, and group treks and tours through Colombia's beautiful views and rich history.

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Course Curriculum

Programming Fundamentals
Learn the building blocks of programming: variable types, arrays, conditional statements, and loops.

Week 1
Programming Fundamentals Continued
Start the course off gaining a deeper look at the Ruby programming language. Master hashes, blocks and nested loops.

Week 2
Object Oriented Programming
Learn the basics of object oriented programming by learning about objects, classes, instances, and inheritance.

Week 3
Object Oriented Programming Continued
Really master the paradigm object oriented programming by building various card games and board games in Ruby. 

Week 4
Web Databases and SQL/Active Record
During Week 4 you will learn how databases are used in web applications and how to read and write to them.

Week 5
MVC, REST, and Ruby on Rails
Week 5 marks the start of transitioning from Ruby fundamentals to building applications for the web. You will learn HTML and CSS and all about HTTP and rest. You will also start learning the basics of MVC architecture and Ruby on Rails for the first time.

Week 6
Ruby on Rails continued
Further you experience with RoR by exploring topics more in depth and building applications like a Reddit clone.

Week 7
jQuery and Basic Javascript
Learn about the DOM (Document Object Model) and how to manipulate the browser to create interactive web pages.

Week 8
Final Project
The class ends with a final project where you get to put all your skills to the test. You decide what you want to build, and you build it from the bottom up, using everything you've learned. The instructors are here to help in case you get stuck at any time.

Click here to view a sample a Final Project


Our Coding Bootcamp Has Been Featured In:

The Huffington Post, The National, and Cocal


How to Participate in our Bootcamp

Applying and being accepted into our program is a 3 step process. No prior coding experience is required, the pre-course work is designed to bring all interested students up to speed before being accepted into the program.

  1. Submit your application
  2. Study the pre-course work. When you can successfully program a solution to FizzBuzz,  schedule your technical interview with us
  3. An instructor will review your solution and give you next steps from there!

Further Resources

If you're just starting out learning to program, we highly recommend starting with learning Ruby on Codecademy. This is a great way to get familiar with the syntax of Ruby and what it actually feels to write it. After you finish that, you will want to keep practicing. After you have the basics down you can try these Simple Programming Tasks which are designed to help you put your learnings together.

After completing these, graduate to learning from Ruby Koans.