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Tuition is $4900 USD. We have scholarships available for Colombian and Thai citizens. Apply to learn more!

Thailand: oct 1 - dec 15, 2019

Applications Due Nov 1, 2019

The Course

At Destination: Dev, our curriculum is tailored to provide our students with core competencies in the concepts and technologies that are most instrumental to success as a junior full-stack web developer. We aim to prepare our students for employment at large technology companies and small start-ups. Additionally, we have a unique emphasis on preparing our students to land full-time remote or freelance work  in order to live a flexible, location-independent digital nomad lifestyle.



Destination: Dev students are able to learn so much in such a short timeframe because they are entirely immersed in the endeavor of becoming a software developer during their 10 weeks abroad. By surrounding yourself with classmates to push you and removing yourself from the normal distractions of home to attend our coding bootcamp abroad, you'll be able to grow more than you ever thought possible. 



Our students are able to make it through our rigorous, tight schedule with the help and support of their peers. Classmates have just as much if not more to offer than instructors, and our completely immersive experience facilitates the creation of a tight-knit community.


Real-World Skills

Rather than focusing on technologies that are generally stressed in academia, we teach skills that are directly applicable to the job market. We trim the fat out of our curriculum to ensure that you are well-versed only in the most important concepts and technologies.