The Course

Professional Transformation


The Course

Professional Transformation

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Thailand: oct 1 - dec 15, 2019

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The Course

At Destination: Dev, our curriculum is tailored to provide our students with core competencies in the concepts and technologies that are most instrumental to success as a junior full-stack web developer. We aim to prepare our students for employment at large technology companies and small start-ups. Additionally, we have a unique emphasis on preparing our students to land full-time remote or freelance work  in order to live a flexible, location-independent digital nomad lifestyle.



Destination: Dev students are able to learn so much in such a short timeframe because they are entirely immersed in the endeavor of becoming a software developer during their 10 weeks abroad. By surrounding yourself with classmates to push you and removing yourself from the normal distractions of home to attend our coding bootcamp abroad, you'll be able to grow more than you ever thought possible. 



Our students are able to make it through our rigorous, tight schedule with the help and support of their peers. Classmates have just as much if not more to offer than instructors, and our completely immersive experience facilitates the creation of a tight-knit community.


Real-World Skills

Rather than focusing on technologies that are generally stressed in academia, we teach skills that are directly applicable to the job market. We trim the fat out of our curriculum to ensure that you are well-versed only in the most important concepts and technologies.



What You'll Learn



Ruby and Rails

  • Programming Fundamentals in Ruby
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Algorithms
  • Data Structures
  • Web Application Development in Rails

Front-End Development

  • JavaScript 
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • jQuery and the DOM
  • AJAX and Backend Service Integrations
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Other Technologies

  • SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Git and Version Control
  • Heroku and Deployment
  • Node.js

Weekly Breakdown

Weekly Breakdown

Weekly Breakdown



Programming Fundamentals I

Students will learn the fundamental building blocks of programming in Ruby, HTML, CSS, and the command-line.  

Week 1

Programming Fundamentals II

Your experience with programming basics in Ruby will continue, covering topics like algorithms, recursion, performance optimization, and error handling. We'll also start to cover software development workflow best practices and essential tools like Git.

Week 2

Object-Oriented Programming

Week 2 begins with an introduction to Object-oriented programming topics: objects, classes, instances, and inheritance. We'll teach you how to test your code, and use the object-oriented concepts from early in the week to cover the most important computer science data structures.

Week 3

Databases, SQL, & Active Record

We'll start the week by making a brief departure from Ruby to learn about databases and how to interact with them using SQL. The week will conclude with lessons on ActiveRecord, a library leveraged by Rails applications to interact with databases using Ruby.

Week 4

Ruby on Rails

During Week 4 students will build on their knowledge of ActiveRecord to put together full-fledged web applications using Rails. In order to make our web apps presentable to the world, we'll also be going over HTML/CSS and deploying publicly using Heroku.

Week 5

Advanced Web Applications with Rails

After covering the basics of web applications and MVC architecture in Week 4, students will learn about additional advanced requirements of a production-ready web application like authentication/authorization, sending emails, caches, and queues.

Week 6


JavaScript is the most widely-used programming language in the world, and is the only language supported by most modern browsers. In order to transform our students into true full-stack developers, we'll spend Week 6 learning about JavaScript and its application to front-end web development.

Week 7/8

jQuery, the DOM, and Advanced CSS

Once our students have a solid grasp on JavaScript programming fundamentals, we'll begin to work with jQuery in order to manipulate HTML pages from within the browser and interact with backend services. We'll also cover some deeper aspects of CSS to prepare students for their final projects. 

Week 8/9


Capstone Project

In the final week of instruction, students independently build a project of their choosing. This is their chance to put everything they've learned into a final portfolio project to show friends, family, and employers.



End of Instruction

Week 10

job preparatioN

 One of the unique features of Destination: Dev is that we prepare our students to work as freelance web developers in order to live as digital nomads. We'll spend time preparing you to find freelance work, as well as preparing you to interview for traditional junior developer positions if that is your goal. We'll also organize workshops and lectures on a variety of topics given by local digital nomads and entrepreneurs. You can also feel free to use our accommodations as a home base during this time to do more traveling.

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