How much does the program cost?

Tuition for the 8-week course + 2 additional weeks of mentoring is $10,000 USD. 

What does the tuition include?

8 weeks of instruction including individual attention in a classroom setting. 2 weeks of additional mentoring. Housing for 10 weeks in the Hacker House located in the most upscale neighborhood in Medellín. Scheduled meals and activities listed in the scheduled Activities & Curriculum. Students are responsible for airfare to and from Medellín, and remaining food and recreation expenses. 


Can I really learn web development in 8 weeks?

Yes! We focus on only the most practical and relevant skills to becoming a professional web developer. The combined pre-course work and 8 week curriculum will provide students with roughly ~500 hours of programming experience.


Do I need any prior programming experience?

No. We will provide you with preparatory materials to get you up to speed prior to your arrival. Of course, if you do have experience, that will increase your chances of getting accepted and getting the most out of the program.


What is the application process?

All you need to do is fill out this application and we will contact you from there with further steps. We select students based on their ability to learn the concepts and their desire to learn with their peers.