Destination: Dev Technical Interview Prep

By the end of this step-by-step guide you will have the knowledge and ability to write basic programs in Ruby.

Now the fun starts - learning the basics of programming.  By completing the 24 steps laid out in this guide you will gain the knowledge and ability to write basic programs in Ruby. Take your time going through each section, and really make sure you understand the answers to the quiz problems connected to each step. Once you get to Step 24, you'll be ready to schedule your technical interview with a DDev instructor!

Next Steps

If you've finished this guide and want to continue to challenge yourself, first check out our practice problems here: Destination: Dev Practice Problems. These problems will expand on the concepts introduced in the guide above and will also get incrementally more challenging. If you get stuck, reach out for help on the DDev Slack Community

Once you've done that, head on over to our free and open-source prep curriculum on Github: DDev Prep Curriculum. All Destination: Dev students are required to complete this self-study curriculum prior to attending the course. The prep material is challenging and may take up to 80-100 hours to complete if you're starting from ground zero. Don't get overwhelmed! As long as you stay consistent and work on the prep every week, you'll see yourself progress astronomically in just a few months.